Laminate flooring comes in a variety of finishes, including walnut, oak, pine, maple, hickory, chestnut, cherry, and more2. Whether you’re looking for affordability, water resistance, or a specific aesthetic, there’s a laminate flooring type to suit your needs


Different than the other type of material, laminate nosing is the most difficult nosing to be made, not only it is ready hard to cut, but also it is very easy to get cheap during the manufacture. However, with our best technique, we can offer the customer the perfect laminate nosing product with the exact size that you gave us. The laminate nosing also come with the no wood support, so it can just wrap around the bullnose to make your work done faster.


Floor mounted air vent covers are usually one of the things you’ll need to consider when getting new flooring. Depending on the flooring manufacturer you choose, they may not offer matching air vent grilles, and even if they did, chances are they aren’t flush mount ones.



Unless you plan to install the same flooring throughout the entire home, you will need flooring transitions. Transition mouldings are strips that cover the gaps between floor areas, and provide seamless transition between them.

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